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Casablanca is located south of Punta Allen, on a beach sand road, towards the end of the Boca Paila Peninsula.  It is approximately 170 km (105 miles) from the Cancun International Airport.  The road from Tulum, the Boca Paila Road, marks the entrance of the Sian Kaàn Biosphere. Casablanca is approximately 50 km (32 miles) south on the Boca Paila Road.  Having a vehicle is highly recommended!  A Jeep or a SUV is the best but a car can make the journey as well.  The Boca Paila road can be bumpy, marked with large pot holes.  We cannot stress this enough--the road can be very rough. During periods of rain the potholes fill with water. Road condition can also vary based on when the government last did maintenance.There are no options for public transportation once in Punta Allen.

The Boca Paila road provides a scenic adventure though beautiful jungle landscapes with numerous beaches dotted along the Caribbean coast.  You’ll pass the Boca Paila Bridge, the Mayan Ruins of Xamach, and a few places to grab refreshments or food.

Once you’ve reached to town of Punta Allen, find the beach road that runs parallel with the ocean.  Casablanca is located approximately 2 km south of the village down the Punta Allen Beach Road.

Punta Allen provides electricity from late morning until about midnight to residents and business within the actual village. Casablanca is completely off the grid and is powered by 2 large solar panels and has multiple cisterns for rainwater capture, purification, and reuse. Short showers, limiting AC use, turning off lights when not in use, and utilizing sea breezes will preserve the villas resources. A back up generator is available when extra energy is necessary but ordering potable water for the cisterns is very expensive and will cost visitors a lot of money. As for communications, cellular or mobile phones normally do not work within the Sian Ka’an Biosphere. The Villa has wifi and some of the restaurants offer wifi as well.

No one in Punta Allen accepts credit cards. The closest ATM is in Tulum. Please bring cash for everything you will need (tours, food, restaurants, etc). There are several small grocery stores where you can shop for food and multiple restaurants to dine at in Punta Allen. Water, ice, and beer are available in town. Fresh fish and lobster entrees are available at lower costs than you’ll find in most places. If you prefer specialty food, hard alcohol, or wine, we can pre-stock the refrigerator and pantry with items of your choosing. Otherwise, we suggest you purchase items ahead of time in Tulum, Playa Del Carmen, or Cancun.  

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Casablanca does not have a traditional address like you may be accustom to. We've added a geolocation on google maps so it may be helpful to put that into your navigation ahead of time as most likely cell phone service will drop completely once you get into the remote areas of the Sian Ka'an.

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