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Punta Allen's premier, eco-conscious luxury villa

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Immerse yourself in one of the most ecologically unique locations in the Mexican Caribbean. Casablanca is located in the Sian Ka'an in the village of Punta Allen. It is a self-sustaining, eco-conscious, luxury villa. The home boasts two bedrooms, 2.75 bathrooms, a full kitchen, living room, multiple outdoor dining terraces, a large rooftop deck with immaculate 360-degree views, and more outdoor space than you'll know what to do with. The rooftop terrace provides stunning, panoramic views both day and night. A private white sand beach greats you in the front of the property while a secluded lagoon entrance awaits you in the back. The villa will comfortably sleep 4 but can accommodate up to 6 or more.


Set apart from the hustle and bustle of nearby Tulum and Playa Del Carmen, Punta Allen is the ultimate oasis for anyone seeking an escape. Chill vibes reign supreme in Punta Allen and at Casablanca. If you’re looking for the ultimate place to social distance, look no further. The journey begins by taking the beach road from Tulum. The beach road may not always be easy (and we can't stress this enough) but half the fun is the adventure getting here. Take a few stops along the way, enjoy the scenery, have a cold drink. Paradise awaits. Go for a hike, take a swim, explore the jungle, walk barefoot in the sand, go for a bike ride, or even lay on your back and gaze at the stars. A stay at Casablanca will have you back in touch with nature in no time.


The area is home to thousands of species of flora and fauna, the world’s second largest barrier reef, and some of the most turquoise-colored waters found on earth. The reef protected waters provide a natural breeding ground for sea turtles and dolphins while nearby Bird Island provides sanctuary for numerous tropical birds. Punta Allen is also an international destination for bone fishermen from all over the world who enjoy the saltwater flats and fly-fishing. Swimming, beach combing, kayaking, jungle hiking, and bird watching are only a few of the available local activities. Boat tours, fishing trips, snorkeling expeditions, massages, pantry stocking, and in-home meal preparation can also be arranged ahead of time. 

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How do we get there?

Want to see more?

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Boat Tours
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Sea Turtle Sighting
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Sunset Happy Hour
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Bike Riding
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Find Wild Dolphins 
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Local Dining
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Jungle Hikes
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Bird Watching
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Local Shopping
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Scuba Diving
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Beach Exploring
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Hammock Naps
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(Natural pool)
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The house in Punta Allen was everything we were looking for in a quiet and off the grid stay, but with amenities as well like water, electric, running water etc... the place was very clean and obviously very well taken care of. The owner was super communicative, which was great because this was our first time in this part of Mexico. (Make sure you rent an SUV for the road down. It takes a few hours to get there and the road is full of pot holes and massive ruts... will need a jeep etc...) Lalo the care taker there and his wife were fantastic!! They helped with anything and everything we could have needed including arranging excursions and he even went out and caught lobster for dinner one night (very reasonable pricing), which was delicious!! Loved working through the language barrier with them as they were sooooo friendly! (They do speak a little English fyi... Download Google translate and you'll be fine!) Overall great location, beautiful private beach and super cute town with several tasty restaurants. We would definitely come and stay again!


Ayse K. 



This was a beautiful house and property with its own beach. We saw turtles swimming through the waves from the private white sand beach. The tide was super mellow and you can walk/ swim out very far. There is a great lagoon in the back where we took the kayaks (provided) in the shallow waters. We saw big fish, some sort of small rays, herons, egrets and crabs. Eduardo helped us get a boat chartered into the ocean and lagoon (request Javier!!!)... where we got to see dolphins, turtles, manta rays, a manatee and so many birds including pink spoonbills. Joel was a great host and Eduardo was absolutely amazing! I highly recommend spending some time in Punta Allen. The road is very bumpy to get there, so give yourself time to slowly cruise along... and bring all the pesos you will need as they only take cash. It will be a vacation you won't forget.


Betsy C.



With both the lagoon on one side, and the sea on the other, there was no lack of adventures to be had on our stay! We loved taking a trip to the Alberca Blanca where it feels like you’re in a massive ... perfect pool. (Only 5km before the town) -- also if you look the other side of the road in the same area, you'll find a dock perfect to launch for kayaking or paddle boarding on the Lagoon. The house is really a work of art in a secluded Eden with access to two little beaches. We loved having breakfast on the rooftop patio and using it to watch the stars as well! While we didn't fish, we quickly became aware that the place is renowned for it and plenty of guides available.


Roberto G.


Casablanca was everything we were looking for and then some! Nestled in the middle beautiful and paradise sits an architectural masterpiece. We were blown away by the Sian Kaan and Punta Allen. There aren't many places left in the world that are relatively untouched by commercialization. We highly recommend checking out Punta Allen!!! Along the very bumpy road from Tulum to Punta Allen, we took many opportunities to stop and enjoy nature, often times walking along the beach and/or lagoon side. After several stops along the road and a quick drive through the town, we finally made it to Casablanca. Side note: If you reach the light house, you've gone too far (good news is the only option is to turn around). Eduardo greeted us upon arrival and made the stay very pleasant. We were even able to hire him to cook us fresh fish tacos and lobster upon request. The house its own charming private beach area. Within a few minutes’ walk there was another beach area that we explored. Other than the occasional tour group, we felt as if we had the ocean to ourselves. Can't wait to come back someday! Thank you Joel and family for all of your help and answers to our questions! We can't say enough how glad we were to have taken the adventure down to Punta Allen.


Anthony W.



The property was just as advertised and Edwardo was amazing. Simple, quiet and not your typical vacation. This was just what we were looking for.


Brittany N.

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Casablanca does not have a traditional address like you may be accustom to. We did put a geolocation on google maps so it may be helpful to put that into your navigation ahead of time as most likely cell phone service will drop completely once you get into the remote areas of the Sian Ka'an.

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